Monday, May 28, 2012

Lisa and Bwino

Lisa and Bwino (January and May).  Note the jeans and sweatshirt
 in the second picture.  It is getting cold in Africa!

It's hard to resist posting this.

One of the best parts of our service has been adopting a puppy and watching him grow.  Bwino walks with us when we go to the market and he follows us to school.  In terms of popularity, he is the most well-known individual in our household.

Walking down the street, we are as likely to hear "Bweeno-Bweeno-Bweeno!" as we are to hear, "Lisa!" "Dan-ee!"  "Lisa!"  "Dan-ee!"

I'm also proud to announce that our dog has finally graduated from puppy to guard dog.  When a drunk man stumbled into our yard last week, waving his arms and bellowing, Bwino charged and chased him away.  Ever since then, the dog has been wary of every suspected drunk. Even the smell of alcohol is enough to bring on a fit of barking.

It's great.  Dogs are great, and every night we feel very secure with Bwino sleeping on the front porch.

He doesn't really "get" pictures, though.  In general, he would rather be playing elsewhere.  He's not that mature.  He is a dog, after all.

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