About Us

Welcome to our story!  This is an account of how two young people met, fell in love, and then rode off into the sunset to enjoy a crazy, African adventure.

First, this is Lisa:

She's an outdoor educator who likes drinking tea, playing cards, and making paper crafts.  She was born and raised in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, then studied trees at Penn State University.  She can dependably be found outside (hiking) or inside (reading).

This is Dan:

He's a statistics instructor who loves hiking, biking, and basketball.  He has a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Applied Statistics.  After graduating from Penn State in 2010, he went on to work as an instructor for their  Department of Statistics.  He is funny and friendly and can often be found smoothing out relationships for his slightly-more-introverted wife.

This is Dan and Lisa:

They met on the first day of college in August 2006 and bonded over a love of theater, dinner, adventure, and spelunking.  They were married on July 17, 2010.

They always wanted to learn a new language and to live outside the country, and so, for them, the Peace Corps was a dream come true.  They applied to the program in April 2010 and were accepted in July 2011.  They arrived in Mozambique in September 2011.

They are now living in Tete, Mozambique, in the border town of Zobue.  For more information about their adventures in teaching and travel, read the blog!


  1. Hi Lisa and Dan, I am the mother of a son who is on a mission in Mozambique and I am trying to send a surprise package to him and I thought maybe you could help me with a few ideas. He loves chocolate and candy, but before I send him some Dove dark chocolate, I wanted to know if you can already buy that there in Maputo or other cities. You can read more about him at eldergreenman.blogspot.com so you know that I am legit and honest. I would appreciate your help...I am trying to send the package out within a few days. Hopefully you get this message soon. Thanks.
    Julie Greenman

  2. Hi Julie! I don't know the best way to get back to you, so hopefully you will receive this comment!

    I'm excited to hear that your son is in Mozambique! I leave near a missionary family here in Zobue, and they are great people! I'm sure that your son is doing wonderful work!

    Here is a list of things that I loved in the United States that I have not been able to find (or find at reasonable prices) here in Mozambique:

    -Beef jerky
    -Parmesan cheese
    -Dark chocolate
    -Peach Rings
    -Trail Mix (almonds and raisins are really expensive here...)
    -Dried fruit (also really expensive)

    I live far, far away from Maputo, so I don't really know what is available in his area. However, I'm sure that he would appreciate anything that you could send him! It's nice to get gifts from home : )

    Good luck with your package. Make sure to tape it tightly!


    P.S. If you have further questions, you can email me at lisajospencer@gmail.com