Sunday, November 17, 2013

5. To Maputo

Leaving Namaacha and heading to Maputo with "all our worldly possessions"
(That is to say, everything we're bringing back home with us to the States)

We're heading to Maputo for our final week of service.

This last week is known as COS (Close-of-Service) and includes medical exams, dental exams, language exams, and an exit interview with the Country Director himself.  Over the course of the next few days, we will close our in-country bank account, offer three stool samples to the saintly Dr. Izzy, submit our final Description of Service, and stamp out of the country as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

For the first time since I set foot out of Zobue, I feel excited and ready to leave.  I'm starting to let go a bit, and look into the future.  I find that I'm excited to travel and go back to see South Africa.  I'm excited to return home to the States and spend time with my family.  The world just seems so promising!  I feel wonderful, happy, and free.

Five days left in Mozambique.

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