Sunday, November 17, 2013

7. The New Generation

Site placements weren’t just meaningful for the new volunteers.  They were also intensely relevant to Dan and me, because we were meeting our replacements.  These two new volunteers would take our place in Zobue, teach our classes, lead our clubs, befriend our friends, and love our dogs.  They would be “us,” and we’d move on. 

Thankfully, the Peace Corps staff selected our replacements well.  Two girls, Sienna and Emma, were chosen to go to Zobue, and both of them seem like a really strong fit. 

Sienna, it turns out, likes walking and hiking and being outside.  She seems calm and centered, and happy with her placement.  She’ll be teaching eighth grade math, making her Dan’s direct substitution.  The other girl, Emma, is my replacement, and will be teaching eighth grade English.  She’s pretty, tall, and willowy, and is more than willing to care for our dogs.  She seems nervous about the pit latrine and the outdoor shower (she’s a city girl, at heart), but we all know that she’ll be fine. 

Sienna keeps a blog here (Peace Mozambique), which I really look forward to reading and following.  Like Janet and Lucas said about mine, it will become a little “window into Zobue” from the other side of the world.  

Sienna (left), Dan, Lisa, and Emma

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