Thursday, November 7, 2013

16. The Site Visitor

This week, from Sunday to Wednesday morning, Dan and I hosted Laura, one of the newest Peace Corps Volunteers, on her site visit to Zobue.  The purpose of her visit, as defined by Peace Corps, was to--

1.  Better understand the diversity across the country of Mozambique
2.  Learn about the day-to-day life of an Education Volunteer
3.  Have lots of fun!

It was also a good opportunity to get some travel experience, practice speaking Portuguese, and to have long and candid talks with more experienced volunteers.  

We loved hosting Laura, and we were so happy that she came.  It was fun to show off our site, and to see everything through her eyes.  Suddenly, and more clearly than ever, we could see just how much we have achieved in these past two years-- our relationships with Seni, Romao, Leme, our students, and all of our crianças-- and how much we've had to be thankful for-- the beautiful scenery, the dogs, and the love that our town has for us.  We felt proud of our accomplishments, and also felt a sense of closure.  It was the perfect way to spend our last remaining days at site.

Because time has been moving faster and faster at the end of our two years of service, it seemed like her visit passed very quickly.  It felt like we did a lot- and almost nothing- all at the same time.  The three of us hiked the mountain, toured the town, baked a cake, ate dinner with the missionaries, and visited the Angolano.  We also spent hours and hours just talking about the realities of service and our thoughts on Mozambique.  But we barely visited the school or talked to the other teachers.  Before we knew it, Dan and I were walking to the chapa stop and hugging her goodbye.

"I'm sold," said Laura, looking around.  "I think that I would be happy here.  Zobue is the perfect site."

And she's right-- it is.  Especially for an English teacher like her, with strength and energy and a good sense of humor.

Hiking in the campo (with beautiful Mount Zobue in the background...)
Admiring the view
Banana trees and a partially-obscured Mount Zobue
Looking down over the little villages outside Zobue
Laura on the border between Mozambique and Malawi
Laughing and chatting at the top of the mountain
Just like our first big hike at site (see banner at the top of the page)
The clouds on Mount Zobue
Hanging out with the neighborhood kids
Taking a sunset hike with the dogs and the kids

We don't know who will be replacing us, but we'll find out very soon.  Next week, Dan and I will be at Training to hear the results of the official Site Placements.

We do think that Laura would be a great fit.  In fact, Seni has already requested her, personally.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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