Saturday, November 9, 2013

14. The Cyclists

This week, just two hours after we despedir-ed our site visitor Laura, we received our final visitors to the town of Zobue.  Two European cyclists, Angel and Suzann, stopped in Zobue on their way to Malawi as part of an epic, 13-month journey across the continent of Africa.  

We really enjoyed hosting them, and found their journey to be absolutely inspiring.  They have been traveling since October 2012, when they left Spain for the North African country of Morroco.  From there, they biked south from Western Sahara to Mauritania to Senegal, pitching their tent with friends and strangers and local families along the way.

They are just finishing their journey now, after traveling through all of Western, some of Central, and most of South-Eastern Africa.  There are only a few weeks remaining in the entirety of their trip.  

Angel (from Spain) and Suzann (from Germany)
Biking across Africa!
Angel and Suzann's African travel map

It's interesting to spend time with people who have spent a long time traveling.  They have so much to say, and they have seen so much!  But I suppose that I've had a two-year adventure of my own, in my little town of Zobue.  

Read more about Angel and Suzann in their blog, Xuia-Xuia!

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