Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the name of Africa, Children, and Basketball

Dan is building a basketball court in the town of Zobue, Mozambique!

I'm excited to announce that Dan's basketball project (CABAZO) has been posted on the Peace Corps website and is now accepting funds.  The project has already raised $800 dollars, and we hope to reach $5,000 by the end of December.   Read on!

What is CABAZO?
Short for Campo de Basquetbol em Zobue, the CABAZO project aims to build a concrete basketball court in the semi-rural town of Zobue, Mozambique.  

Why basketball?
Basketball is a popular sport in the more affluent corners of Mozambique, but most village kids never really get a chance to learn how to play.  While the students and teachers have an abiding interest in basketball, the nearest court is actually 5 miles away (and in the adjacent country).  The CABAZO project hopes to bring basketball to Zobue and to start a traveling, competitive, after-school sports league.

CABAZO is based on the principle that competitive sports promote
  • A strong sense of self-esteem and personal achievement
  • Healthier lifestyles and healthier choices
  • Opportunities 

Why Zobue?
Zobue has been trying to build their own basketball court for years.  The town had already bought a patch of land on which they hoped to build their court, but were lacking in the necessary funds.  In their enthusiasm for the project, the local secondary school has offered to contribute half of the total value (mostly in terms of bricks, sand, and manual labor).  

When Dan first launched his CABAZO campaign at a school meeting in April, he received a standing ovation from the other teachers in attendance.  

Who is the target audience?
Working together with other teachers at the school, Dan hopes to start a after-school competitive league for eighth, ninth, and tenth grade students, as well as a recreational league for adults.  The secondary school also hopes to incorporate the basketball court into its physical education curriculum.  The goal is to provide a healthy recreational alternative (that is, a fun after-school sport) for teenagers at risk.  

What about me?
If you are interested in donating to the project, you can find more information on the website for the Peace Corps Partnership Program.  Every single penny goes towards buying cement, poles, hoops, and rims.  If, for whatever reason, we have extra funds, the money will be put towards paint, jerseys, and basketballs.  Here in Africa, every dollar counts.

Take a good look at these "Before" and "After" photos.  Consider the difference that your money could make!

From this little rascal, to the unshakable Shaquille O'Neal
From our neighbor Joaquim, to the unbeatable Larry Bird 

And, whether or not you choose to donate, please enjoy the following short video selection. From the 1980 comedy classic, Airplane, this scene shows two young Peace Corps volunteers as they try to "teach" basketball to an indigenous African tribe.

If you have donated, please let us know.  Your contribution is incredibly meaningful, and we want to thank you.  The neighborhood kids are making home-made cards for each and every one of our special donors!  Feel free to leave a comment below or to send a private email.

Thank you!  Obrigada!  Zikomo Kwambiri!

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  1. Way to go, Dan and Lisa! You guys are amazing volunteers. Zobue will benefit so much from all your hard work. Congratulations on all your accomplishments this year. We just donated! You don't have to send us a thank you, but if you do, can you have Seni make it? :) Zobue love, Janet and Lucas