Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter.  Happy Easter, everyone!  

I've always really liked this holiday.  I've never been particularly religious (my family is...well... rather "secular"), so my love for Easter has always been very superficial.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have simply enjoyed the idea of the Easter holiday.  What a joyous and glorious idea it is!  I love the chubby little bunny that hops around, giving away eggs and candy.  I love the pastel colors and the Cadbury treats.  I even love that plastic grass that goes in the bottom of the Easter basket.  What fun!  What a happy, happy day. 

Sadly, Dan was away this weekend and I was feeling a little down.  Rather than lie around in a slump, however, I put a pencil between my teeth (force a smile!) and reached for a pair of scissors and a bag of balloons.  I decided to throw a party.  

I wanted to do a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, but the logistics proved impossibly daunting. With 50 children living within a 50 meter radius and some 500 children living in my bairro, I couldn't find a way to plan it without making it extremely exclusionary.  Instead, I decided to use a few of my endless materials--  scrap paper, stickers, and balloons-- and throw a party for everybody.  

I present to you a cute little post about my Easter holiday...

How to Throw an Impromptu Festival of Recycled Extravagance (in 8 Easy Steps!): 

Step 1:  Prepare!  Get a stack of recycled paper.  Trace bunny ears.  Set aside tape, stapler, and scissors.
Step 2:  Generate Interest.  Wash dishes in your bunny hat.  Pretend that it's totally normal and that, "Everyone in America does this on Easter!"
Step 3:  Advertise!  Get your favorite neighbors in on the action!
(Pictured:  Romao's family with bunny hats and balloons)
Step 4:  Reach a Larger Audience!  Invite the entire neighborhood.
(Pictured:  Some 25% of total participants)
Step 5:  Offer Perks!  Make bunny hats and give out stickers and balloons.
(Pictured:  Jovita (red), Lurdes (yellow), and Tabita (blue))
Step 6:  Take Pictures!  Give everyone a chance to show off their Easter spirit.
(Pictured:  Baby Bunny, Cool Bunny, and Double Bunny)
Step 7:  Play!  Teach a dance, sing a song, and dress up the puppies!
(Pictured:  Marble Rye, Donut, and Pancake wearing bunny hats)
Step 8:  Share!  Happy Easter!  Lots of love from our growing family in Africa.


  1. This is the greatest thing ever! I love that you did this for the people in your village!