Thursday, April 11, 2013

Basketball Court (Part I)

After more than a year of planning, begging, wheedling, and hoping, the basketball court is finally under way.  

Phase I:  On Tuesday, April 2, Dan went to the city and bought 150 sacks of cement.  It is currently being stored in the teacher's lounge, much to the delight of all the other teachers.  

Phase II is set to commence at the end of April.  In the meantime, students are hefting rocks and leaving them in a pile by the flagpole.  It's exciting to watch progress through school participation as we wait out the tail end of the rainy season.  

Figures of interest

Total Cost of Cement:  49,500 Meticais (US $1,650)
Cost of Cement Transport:  7,000 Meticais (US $233)
Total Weight of Cargo:  16,500 pounds (8.25 tons)
Driving Hours to Tete City:  2.5 hours
Length of Return Trip:  5 hours
Cost of 2 "Helpers" to Load and Unload Cement:  250 Meticais each (US $8)

Eight tons of cement bouncing down the path to the school
Dan poses with his cement in the Teacher's Lounge
Before:  Future site of Dan's basketball court.
Between the upper classrooms (background) and soccer field (far left)

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  1. Im so glad the basketball court is coming together! Im looking forward to seeing the completed project!