Monday, July 8, 2013

Basketball Court (Part II)

Back to work.  

The basketball court has been progressing slowly, but definitively.  It is officially dry season (by a matter of weeks), which means that the ground is now hard, packed, and ready to go.  Work on the court is beginning in earnest, and should continue quickly from here on out.

Phases I and II (April):  Dan bought 150 sacks of cement, 540 iron bars, 14 iron poles, basketball hoops, and materials to build a home-made backboard.   All materials were stored without incident in the school's teacher's lounge.

Phase III (July):  The court-building crew began taking formal measurements to lay out the size and shape of the basketball court.  Working with a contractor, the school director, 20-odd school children, and two eager puppies, Dan pounded four rebar markers into the corners of what will soon be our very own Zobue "Campo de Basquetebol."

Figures of Interest

Days left in Service:  136 (until November 21, 2013)
Total Cost of Iron:  46,600 Meticais (US $1,550)
Cost of Iron Transport:  5,000 Meticais (US $166)
Total Cost of Building Materials (Cement and Iron):  96,100 Meticais (US $3,200)
Total Cost of Transport (Cement and Iron):  12,000 Meticais (US $400)
Total Extraneous Costs (Hoops and Wood):  6,000 Meticais (US $200)
Remaining Funds:  35,500 Meticais (US $1,200)*

Contributions from the School

Land Donated:  Free (US $0.00)
Bricks for Foundation:  Paid for by the students (US $0.50 donated per student)
Rocks for Foundation:  Delivered by the students (Five large rocks per student)
Sand for Fountation:  Delivered by the students (150 pounds per student)
Half of Builder's Contract:  Free (Would be US $500)

*Remaining funds will be used to pay the welder, carpenter, and the other half of the builder's contract.  Extra remaining funds go towards paint and uniforms!

Dan takes measurements at the site of the basketball court
Using rebar and string to visualize the area of the basketball court

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