Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Outer Banks

Before the wedding, Dan and I spent a week with family in a beach house in the Outer Banks. It was a great week-- the best week I've spent in a long, long time.  My grandparents were there, my mother was there, my sister and her husband were there.  We even had two friends who came to stay with us. 

It was nice to return to the Outer Banks and spend that week together.  As a child, the shore was my favorite place in the world.   This was a wonderful way to come back.

Dan and the beach house, overlooking the ocean
The beach house
Three bedrooms
The kitchen and dining room.  Together, about twice as large as our house in Zobue.
My Family:  Me, Dan, Grandpa, Mom, Grandma
Three generations of colorful women
With our friends, Sam and Melissa.  Beautiful picture, guys.  And this is the better one!
Dan with my sister, Amy, and Amy's husband, Alex
This is what eventually happens to all beachfront houses...
This condemned house was just minutes away from our own.
Quiet beach
Sunrise over the Atlantic
We got up every morning to take a walk at sunrise.
Here:  Mom and Grandma
Derelict row.  Slowly getting taken by the sea.
After sunrise
A new (dead) friend
This baby ghost crab is disarmingly adorable
Sad face dead baby shark
And the coolest jellyfish in the world
Absolutely transparent 
Very fun
This pier marks the northern boundary of the National Seashore protected area
The weather becomes stormy
Beginning our walk onto the dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park
Jockey's Ridge State Park
30 million tons of sand
Dan, with Sam and Melissa, at the sand dunes
My grandparents.  Still climbing, after all these years
Sam and Melissa being silly on Jockey's Ridge
Dan bounces down the sand dunes on his first visit to Jockey's Ridge
Grandpa gets a free lift up and down the dunes
A fulgurite-- a tube of fused sand created by a lighting strike
My mother on the beach
Sam and Melissa
Dan on the beach at sunset
Sam and Melissa look over photographs
Amy, Alex, and Dan form OBX (Outer Banks)
Playing on the sand dunes.  Happy to be home with my family!
Happy to spend time on this gorgeous beach

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