Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Wedding

Nathan Scott Scarbrough
Victoria Berkheimer Scarbrough

Married on
June 22, 2013
New Bern, North Carolina

Two funny, loving people 
Very much in love
Got married in a mansion

Abilene Plantation in New Bern, North Carolina
My brother arrives at the altar
Cousin Rob arrives at the altar with a bridesmaid
Cousin Matt arrives at the altar with a bridesmaid
The Bride
The Ceremony
The Kiss
The Bride, Bridesmaids, and Flowergirl
The Groom and his Groomsmen
The Bride and Flowergirl
Mrs. Victoria Scarbrough
Bride and Groom
The Bridesmaids
The Cake
Bridesmaid and Groomsman Birds
Bride and Groom Birds
New Brothers:  Alex, Dan, and Nate
Introducing for the very first time...
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Scott Scarbrough
Parents' Dance.  Look how much fun mom is having!
Lisa and Dan
Amy (sister), Alex (her husband), and Cousin Matt
Bride and Groom
Dad and little Ryker (with Aunt Lynn and Uncle Dane grooving in the background)
Grandpa toasts to the Bride and Groom
Nate, Vicki, and friends
"And after allllllll, you're my wonder-wallllllllll...."
James and Dan
Removing the garter
Nate (white vest) and Vicki on the dance floor
"Don't Stop Believing"
Last song of the night

To my little tiny brother:  

It doesn't seem so long ago that you used to ask me to play "Spyro."  

"Hey," you used to say, "Want to go play Spyro?  I'll watch."

I don't think you cared exactly what we did or what game we played-- you really just wanted to hang out.  It was cute.  We were friends.

You're grown up now, and I'm super proud of you.  You're handsome and you're funny and you are very tall.  You've found a wonderful girl and I'm glad that you're so happy.  

Happy Wedding!  Happy Marriage!  And Congratulations!

You've finally found your lifelong Spyro Buddy.

Love you

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