Friday, August 30, 2013

84. Yarn Baby

This is Gilda, the daughter of a wonderful and beloved fellow teacher.  

Today, Gilda is wearing pink.  

The yarn baby.  I like that her toes have wiggled out of her booties.  

Isn't she cute?

Gilda's mother asked me for this picture when she saw me on my way to the market.  Juggling the baby on her hip, she looked up at me hopefully.  

"Can you take just one picture," she asked.  "Of Gilda in her outfit?"

As if to show her earnestness, the young woman sprang into action.  She scurried around the yard and found a straw mat, clearing off clothes and pots and pans before plunking the child in the center.  She wiped Gilda's face with a rag.  Then, she propped her up with a pillow and ushered me forward.

And so I took a picture.

Her cousins and neighbors wanted their picture done, as well, so I promised them a special cameo.   Here they are in an extra, behind-the-scenes shot:

Decorum?  Poise?  Dignity?  No, pictures always mean karate!

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