Sunday, August 25, 2013

89. Artwork

Our house runs like a kindergarten classroom.

We have at least twenty immediate neighbors that are under the age of 12, and three times that many children who live in the surrounding area.  All of these kids tend to congregate in our yard for at least some part of the day, and, as long as they are respectful, we enjoy having them there. The kids play ball, read books, and draw pictures for us on bits of spare paper.   Dan and I also take the opportunity to work on their manners and courtesy skills.  

For the past year or so, the kids' focus has really been on artwork.  Every day, we have a number of kids who come to the door and ask to draw a picture.  As long as they ask politely and share their materials with one another, I always let them sit and draw.  To make things easy for myself, I keep a stack of re-used paper on the kitchen table, along with colored pencils in bunches of eight.  

When the kids are finished drawing, they like to hand me their artwork.

"Wow!"  I'll say.  "Is this a house!?"  (It's always a house.)  Then, I'll look a little closer.  "Is this the national flag?"  (Yes, again, it always is.)  And:  "And is this you!?"  (Yup.)

Then with a big smile, I take their picture and pin it to the line on my wall.  

It's a little action, but I think that line of pictures means a lot, to everybody.  It symbolizes love.

Pictures from last week

Tabita's signature colorful style.  Notice the house and the national flag.  Also present are
 a number of other traditional elements-- trees, birds, charcoal grills, and kids playing football

Alzira shows off her drawing of the national flag

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