Thursday, August 29, 2013

85. A Portrait of Five Kids

I took this picture in June of this year.

The kids were playing in my yard when they saw my camera on the kitchen table and began to beg to set up a "special" portrait for themselves.  In a flurry of excitement, they chose all of the elements (the location, two chairs, a whistle, and a bag of charcoal), organized their seating, and then ran to come and get me.

The resulting shot became one of my all-time favorites.

Alzira, Bonita, Junho (with baby Florinda), and Gilda

I love the dirty knees and the chalk drawings on the wall.  I love the placement of Alzira's skirt and Bonita's cocky posture in the center of the frame.  I love the fact that Gilda is so engrossed with her whistle that she forgot about the camera.

It's the perfect portrait of these kids, and I think that it really captures their personalities.  I'm glad that I let them set it up themselves.