Thursday, September 26, 2013

57. Our English Theater Song

In honor of the competition that we've all worked so hard to prepare for, here are my silly English Theater kids performing their closing song, "Choices."  

They're the best.  

They don't sing very well, of course.  And they barely speak English.  But just look at their excitement and enthusiasm!  Just look at their dance moves!  This video makes me laugh out loud.

We have our choices that we have to make
We have our choices in our lives

And I know that we will end up just fine
If we all choose correctly on the way

Make a choice
Make a choice
I know that I can make a choice

And I know I will be fine
And the future will be mine
And I know that it's my future, it's my choice

This, of course, is taken from from Anna Kendrick's rendition of "When I'm Gone," from Pitch Perfect.  Which the kids love to watch as much as they love to sing the song themselves.

Here is the original:

Not as good, I know.  Go back and watch the kids again.

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  1. One of the things that I miss most about Mozambique is the singing. So much joy. So much movement and dance with it. Your class is awesome! Best of luck in the competition!