Sunday, September 15, 2013

68. Sweep the Dirt

All of the houses in Zobue are surrounded by dirt yards.  You would think that so much dirt and sand would be unattractive, but, actually, the overall effect is nice.  People take great care to maintain a clean homestead area, and they keep their yards quite tidy.  

Yards are generally swept in the early morning by the women of the house.  It's a dusty process, but a matter of pride.  If you ever saw the broad, sweeping lines of a newly-swept dirt lawn, you would understand. 

I didn't get it either when I first arrived.  

Why would you sweep dirt?
I guess it does look cleaner...

After nearly two years of living here, I can now state with pride that I really do understand the process.  Sweeping gets rid of the leaves, the garbage, and the footprints across the lawn.  It creates a smooth, even surface above which a pretty house can stand out.  It's clean slate for a new day.  A playing field.  An safe and snake-free zone for babies and crianças.

In fact, I'll give my honest opinion:  A swept yard can be beautiful.  I think that there's almost nothing prettier than a tidy, fresh-swept patch of sandy dirt.  

A sunny, well-swept yard.  Isn't it beautiful!?

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