Tuesday, September 24, 2013

59. Hot and Dry

It's amazing how quickly the seasons change here in Africa.  It was cold at the beginning of August.  Then, on about August 15 (the date that all Mozambicans swear that this will happen), the temperature suddenly cranked up to a blazing mid- and upper-nineties.  It's been climbing steadily ever since. 

Based on the forecast pictured below, it is no longer winter in Mozambique.

End-of-the-week forecast for Moatize, Tete, Mozambique

And it's not just that it's hot.  It's also extremely dry.  It's so dry that our vegetables no longer rot if we leave them in the fruit basket.  They simply desiccate and wither away.  

Zobue is experiencing the normal water shortages, although the situation is not as extreme as it was last year.  People still walk to the river to bathe, but at least there's a river to speak of.  

Normally, the heat wouldn't be a problem.  But this week is special, because it's the week of our English Theater Competition in Moatize.  As the competition coordinator, I will be responsible for one hundred and fifty miserable people as they cram onto wooden pews in a fan-less and nearly windowless church annex to watch three and a half hours of theater performances.   


Here is Piro's reaction to that:
Dead dog!  Kidding.  He's just wilted.

To be honest, it's actually a little scary.  I have been planning this competition for months, and I have become increasingly anxious about the weather.  I'm wishing for a temporary relief from the heat to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and healthy.  

One-hundred and fifty people is a lot of people.  

One-hundred and eleven degrees is a lot of degrees.  

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