Saturday, September 7, 2013

76. Meet Leme

Leme and his daughter, Marnela
Name:  Marcos Leme
Age:  29
Profession:  Visual Education Teacher at the Zobue Secondary School

Because of language barriers and cultural differences, it has been very difficult for Dan and I to forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with our neighbors in the town of Zobue.  Our relationships progress slowly, and, sometimes, they don't progress at all.

Our friendship with Leme, however, is an exception to this rule.  He has always been kind and welcoming to us, and has been an invaluable counterpart for the basketball court project.  He is our partner at the school, as well as our co-teacher, language coach, translator, and friend.

He's one of the very few individuals who gives as much as he takes, and seems to find value in our friendship.  Without him, we would be unhappy. 

Leme lives with his wife and daughter in Zobue.  Both parents are intelligent, motivated, and well-educated, and work as teachers for the Zobue school system.  Their daughter is two years old, but can already converse in Portuguese.  Their family is one of many rising and forward-thinking families that I believe will eventually shape the future of this country.  

We like that Leme has a computer and can maintain contact with us even after we have finished our service in Mozambique.  We can stay in touch using email and Facebook.  Who knows?  Maybe, one day, Leme and his wife will come and visit our family.  Or maybe his daughter will attend high school in the States.  That would be wonderful.  

For the educated and well-connected, the world is growing smaller.

Leme supports his daughter as she peers through an open window.
In Mozambique, children like Marnela face an increasingly brighter future.

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