Thursday, October 31, 2013

24. Professor Seni

Here is Seni teaching "school" to the neighborhood kids.  

His lessons include mathematics (addition), reading (the alphabet), art (drawing pictures), and physical education (mostly just stretching and running in place, which then degenerates into a push-up contest).  The kids love Professor Seni and they love to sit for lessons.   

Seni's enthusiasm for teaching is more than just adorable.  It's useful, and it's proof that some people are innately good and altruistic.  Seni has the heart and soul of a teacher, a trait which is golden and so, so important for the future of this developing country.

Art Class
Physical Education
Independent Classwork
Story time
Elections for Class President

This is reason #689 why we love Seni.

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  1. Hello LIsa, I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos these past two years. It has extended my understanding of the Peace Corps experience and allowed me to see and hear even more about Zobue, which we visited when Janet and Luc were there. Thanks for your service, and good luck in your future endeavors. Melinda Cook (Janet's mom)