Friday, October 11, 2013

42. Final Exams

Turma 8G-- my favorite eighth grade class-- writing their final exam for biology

Today is the final day of final tests, at the end of our final year of teaching in Mozambique.  

In fact, this is a statement that truly bears repeating:  Today is the final day of final tests, at the end of our final year of teaching Mozambique.  

In terms of teaching, I am finished.  I am done.  Next week I'll be grading tests, returning them, and finalizing grades.  

If you look at me closely, you'll see that I have tears in my eyes.  But if you listen even closer, you'll hear a faint and barely audible-- hardly recognizable-- minuscule sigh of relief.  

In honor of the last day of testing, I give you a funny answer written by one of my favorite students:
By Fernando Nh. Augusto

Question 1 (a):  Give three differences between man and other mammals.

"Three differences between man and other mammals are that man takes a bath and changes his clothes.  Other mammals don't know how to do what man does."

Ha.  At least he's trying!  Gosh, I'm going to miss these kids.  

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