Sunday, October 13, 2013

40. Teacher's Day

Yesterday was Teacher's Day in Mozambique.  

It was the third and final holiday in a string of successive festas, and by far the most lively event of the month. 

The day started with a three-hour celebration at the town praça, which was followed by two football games, a Teacher's dinner and Teacher's dance at the only restaurant in town-- Quinta Monte Zobue.  

At the town praça
With other teachers 

It was the kind of day that necessitated three outfit changes (matching capulanas at the praça, athletic wear for the football games, and fancy wear for dinner), and the kind of day that cost a lot of money, at least by Mozambican standards.  

Each teacher paid 700 Meticais in advance to attend the end-of-the-night party, which was the highlight of the entire day of festivities.  The money paid for two plates of chicken, two seats at the restaurant, a night full of music (expertly DJ-ed by three of our eighth grade students), and 18 beers per couple.  

It was a huge event, and very fancy/formal.  

Leme and his daughter, Marnela, at the Teacher's Day party at Quinta Monte Zobue

Dan and I enjoyed sitting with Leme's family for dinner, meeting the other teachers' adorable children, and dancing for hours on the Quinta Monte dance floor.  It was fun to cut loose and be silly after a full year of hard work.  

When we finally staggered home, long after midnight,  we were exhausted and happy and feeling well-loved.  It was a nice last holiday for us in  Mozambique!

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