Sunday, October 6, 2013

47. The Foguinho

Sometimes, when it's raining and raining and the electricity's out, there's nothing to do but look at the storm.  You wrap up in your capulana, sit on the porch, and watch the rain as it falls.

Usually, it's pretty hot during this time of year.  The air is sticky and humid and thick with heavy clouds.   As soon as the rain starts falling, though, the scene begins to change rapidly.  The sky glazes over and the temperature plummets.  A dark sky is a cold sky, and rainy mornings can be frigid.

It's on these days-- the porch-sitting, rain-watching, chilly-weather-days--  that you want to make yourself a foguinho.

A foguinho (literally:  little fire) is like a small, portable space heater for winter and for rainy springtime mornings.  Adults don't really use them, but kids carry them everywhere.  They are clever little objects, and very handy in the cold.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your very own wireless, battery-less, portable, pocket-fire stove (out of recycled materials!)

You will need:  Metal can, knife, one nail, and a length of wire (not pictured)
Step 1:  Pry the top off the can
Step 2:  Cut vertical slices along the sides of the can
Step 3:  Demonstrate your work for the camera
Step 4:  Pry the resulting strips of metal outward, to allow for airflow
Step 5:  Use a nail to poke two holes near the rim of the can
Step 6:  Thread the wire through the nail-holes.  Wrap the ends of the wire to secure the handle in place.
Step 7:  Stuff the can with charcoal.  Enjoy!

It's this a cute little hand-made stove?  You can see why kids make them and carry them everywhere.  I'm sure that I would have too, as a child, if I'd been allowed to play with burning coals.  

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