Monday, October 21, 2013

33. The New House

It's official.  

Peace Corps Zobue is changing houses.  

In light of the news that our replacements will not be another married couple (there are none, it seems, in this newest training group), our school administration decided that our current little house would just not be acceptable.  

Dan and I have been working closely with the other teachers to find and select larger and more suitable accomodations, and, after several weeks, we are proud to announce the final results.  Here it is in all its glory-- the giant new house of Peace Corps Zobue:

The new house!

The new house is about twice as large as our current residence, and includes three bedrooms, one storage room, one dining room, and one larger entryway.  There is an outdoor kitchen just off the porch, and separate latrines for men and for women (Bonus:  They're labeled in Chichewa-- A'muna and A'kazi).  The house is located about 10 minutes away from the school, and is in a gorgeous area at the edge of town.  The  yard is full of mango trees and planted eucalyptus, and is quiet and sprawling and peaceful and sweet.  

The news of the move became official today, when the Director took a tour of the home and gave it his final vote of approval.  We received the keys soon afterwards, and have since commissioned a set of grates to be installed on the front door.  

We have less than three weeks left in Zobue, so we're working hard to make the transfer.  Our current house needs to be cleaned up and packed, and the new house has to be made livable.  But besides the work that we'll put into furnishing the place, we probably won't spend much time there.  The giant house is just too big, and it will never be our home.  I prefer to close my service from my old, familiar house, even if that means sleeping on a straw mat on the floor.  

The large house and spacious surrounding quintal
The view from the backyard!  Looking over the mountains of Malawi.

It's a beautiful new house.  I hope that the next volunteers like it.  The decision to move was a difficult one, and one not taken lightly.


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