Saturday, October 5, 2013

48. Rain Storms

Apparently, last week's unprecedented heat signaled a rapid change in season.  Suddenly, it's raining.  

We've now had five days of rain, two massive thunderstorms, and several consecutive blackouts, all of which seem to signal the beginning of the rainy season.  It's a little early this year, but we're so thankful and happy.  We didn't want to miss this.  

The neighborhood kids were out in force today, reveling in the puddles left by the late-afternoon shower.  Most of the little ones, of course, were absolutely naked.  I'm fairly certain that their parents encourage this, as a naked child is much easier to wash.  

Here are three boys playing in the mud in our front yard:

Posing with "toys"
Playing with mud

I hope you don't mind the nudity.  These boys certainly didn't!  They were completely comfortable, and I was glad to be able to capture that joy.

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